Being able to immerse
the reader in the story is the mark
of a truly gifted author. I’d have
to say that Nancy Pirri qualifies!
I can’t wait to read more from her!
Tracy Atencio, Heartstrings


epic20012008 EPIC AWARD WINNER for Tales from the Treasure Trove, including my story, 'Princess Sapphire', from Whiskey Creek Press, (no longer available)

2010epic2010 EPIC AWARD WINNER for Magical Kisses, including my story, 'Winning Sylvia's Heart', from Whiskey Creek Press, (no longer available)

The MacAulay Bride - a historical romance
1st Place Chicago-North RWA's Fire and Ice - 2002

Rough Edges - a contemporary romance (no longer available)
3rd Place Central Ohio's Ignite the Flame - 1999
Finalist Valley Forge, Pennsylvania's Winning Beginnings

'Best Man' - 2000

Bait Shop Blues- a contemporary romance
3rd Place Heart Golden Gateway Competition - 2001

2nd Place Utah's Heart of the West Competition- 2002

Regina's Surrender  (not available)
3rd Place RWA Arizona's Valley of the Sun Contest - 2005

A Woman's Place (not available)
3rd Place Hearts Through History's Romance Through the Ages contest - 2006

Treasure of the Heart (no longer available)
The Jewel's of the Quill anthology, "Treasures of the Heart" has been nominated in the third annual Cupid and Psyche Awards!